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Takoma Park Police Program 

Takoma Park Police Program -- CARE (Caring About Residents Everyday) -- is directed at residents who live alone and have special needs, or just need to be checked on each day.  


Registered residents call the Police Department each day between noon and 5:00 PM.  

If they don’t call, the Police will call them, and a patrol officer will be sent to check on their welfare if the resident doesn’t answer the phone.  


The goals of this program are both to protect those in need, and to bring some peace of mind to friends and relatives who care, but who are not close enough to do daily checks themselves. 


To register, contact Cathy Plevy at 301-891-7142 or

Maryland Senior Call Check
Maryland Office on Aging has begun registering people who wish to receive an automated daily wellness calls. If the people do not answer within the designated time window, their emergency contacts are alerted. For more information call 1800-243-3425.