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Village of Takoma Park
Helping neighbors age in community
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The Village of Takoma Park is a grassroots organization of neighbors helping neighbors.  We want members to feel comfortable about continuing to live in their homes.  We want to emphasize companionship and mutual help.


Is there a membership fee?
Yes, the fee is $25 per year per person.  The fee helps cover administrative expenses such as insurance, web hosting fees, refreshments at events, and two part-time staff, and is intentionally low so as not to be an obstacle to membership.  The Village seeks to supplement dues revenue with funding from grants and with tax-deductible donations. Please call 301-646-2109 if you wish to join but the fee poses a hardship.


Can I be a member AND a volunteer?
Definitely!  We hope that many members will also be volunteers.  To both join and volunteer, please go to Member Signup .


Do volunteers need to pay the membership fee?
We do hope that all volunteers will be able to pay the $25 membership fee, to help the Village cover the cost of insurance and other administrative costs.  If this poses a hardship, please contact usNote that during the coronavirus crisis, we are waiving the membership fee upon request for those who are joining in order to volunteer.


How will I know when it's time to renew?
You will receive an email notice prior to a year from the date you last paid your dues.  If you don't have email, you'll receive a notice by mail.  

Do I need to live in Takoma Park to be a member? 
There is no residency requirement for Village membership, but you DO need to live in Takoma Park to receive Village services.

Aren't some of the services already available through the City of Takoma Park or Montgomery County?
Yes, the County and City do provide many services and programs for older and disabled residents, so there is some overlap.  A goal of the Village of Takoma Park is to complement the  County and City services and help members learn about and fully utilize them, and to provide greater access to help within the home.


Is there a minimum age for members?
No, there's no minimum age, although we're focusing on serving older residents (50+) and people with disabilities.


How will I know if and when a request for service will be filled?
Those requesting transportation through the VillageRides program will receive a phone call from a volunteer driver.    When the Village has established a core group of volunteers, it will begin to accept requests from members for other kinds of  help.   Response time for these requests will vary depending on the nature of the request and availability of volunteers.  We'll post more information on how to submit a request and services offered here on the website.

Is there a membership directory?
Because of concerns about privacy, the membership directory is not made public, even on the "just for members" site.  

How can I join?
Go to "Join" and click on "Member Signup".